Learning Curved

Curved Papers are Easy To Roll

Curved® Papers are a new kind of rolling paper that have an easy to roll curved edge. This simple patented innovation is catching fire across the Roll Your Own (RYO) market. Solving THE CLASSIC RYO PROBLEM, they make it easy to roll!

Why Curved Papers?

Curved Papers solve the familiar classic RYO problem:
If you don’t keep your top and bottom edges parallel, your front corner doesn’t tuck; it goes up.

The familiar Classic RYO Problem using traditional rectangular papers … one of the corners has gotten ahead of the other, and that front corner (left) is not tucking. The middle of the roll is good, but the corner is going up. Twisted

With Curved® Papers, there are no corners! And the smooth curved edge lets you keep your thumbs in the middle and roll straight up every time!

The patent-pending Easy To Roll Curved Edge can be applied to any paper, any size. Curved® Papers, priced competitively, offer the consumer a new, improved product at the same cost.

Fun Curved® Facts

  • Curved® Papers are fine lightweight modern French papers
  • Curved® Papers burn beautifully.
  • Curved® Papers packages contain 50 leaves per booklet. Many competitor’s brands offer only 32.
  • Curved® Papers simple package is “green,” and getting greener. No staples, or plastic. The flat
  • papers are packed loose, and are easily dispensed via a simple folding flap.
  • Curved® Papers come from sustainable Forest Stewardship Council certified forests.
  • Curved® Papers work great in single roller machines, dramatically better.